The Jewish Press in Poland Today

Several Jewish periodicals are published regularly in Poland today. For the most part, these serve the needs of the Jewish Communities and friends of the Polish Jews.

Midrasz is a social and cultural monthly that has been published in Polish since 1997. It is primarily devoted to Jewish life in Poland and abroad. Midrasz features articles on current events, history, and numerous editorials, letters and reports from all over the world. Midrasz also includes commentaries on the Torah and Hebrew lessons.

Midrasz is also an excellent resource for people who want to become acquainted with the world of Polish Jews today. The publication is supported by the R. Lauder Foundation. Subscriptions to "Midrasz" are available in Ruch kiosks and at the post office, and can be bought at Empik stories and better bookstores.

Editor-in-Chief: Piotr Pazinski

Editorial office:

Stowarzyszenie "Midrasz"
ul. Twarda 6
00-104 Warsaw
Tel: +48 22 654 64 24, +48 22 654 31 55
Tel/Fax: +48 22 654 31 56


Sterndlech is an irregular publication for Jewish children, but is also read by children whose families strive to raise them in a spirit of respect for other cultures. It is published by the Sterndlech Association, which means "little star" in Yiddish. Sterndlech provides children with the opportunity to learn about traditions and religion through games and attractively presented materials. Subjects covered include the Jewish calendar, children's literature and kosher cuisine, as well as Hebrew and Yiddish lessons. Many pages from each number may be collected, such as the Small Encyclopedia of Judaism.

Editor-in-Chief: Jacek Cholewicki

Editorial office:
ul. Twarda 6
00-950 Warsaw

Tel: +48 22 652 22 00


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Das Yidishe Vort - Zydowskie Slowo is the successor to the Jewish newspaper Volksstime that was published since 1946. It is published every two weeks in Warsaw by the Towarzystwo Spoleczno-Kulturalne Zydów w Polsce (Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland) and is bilingual, with some sections published in Yiddish and some in Polish. The two sections do not mirror each other entirely: the Polish texts are more focused on the coverage of current events, whereas the Yiddish pages concentrate more on Jewish culture -especially Yiddish literature. The publication can be purchased in Empik stores, through Ruch subscriptions, or in the editorial offices.

Until recently, the editor-in-chief was Adam Rok.

Recent developments: Because of conflicts within the Board of the Social and Cultural Association of Polish Jews, the well-respected editor Adam Rok was dismissed; when he left, his staff followed. At present the publication's future remains uncertain.

Editorial office address:
Plac Grzybowski 12/16 (in the building of the State Jewish Theater),
00-104 Warsaw

Tel: +48 22 620 05 48 (editor-in-chief),
Tel: +48 22 620 05 49 (Polish section)
Tel: +48 22 620 05 42 (administration)


In addition, the Jewish Almanach (Almanach Zydowski) is published irregularly by the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland.

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