Chasidim of Sadogora

[Yiddish, Sadogerer chasidim], one of the most widespread and influential Chasidic dynasties in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was founded by Israel Friedman of Rozyn (Friedmann or Fridman, 1779-1851), also called Israel Rozyn. His father, Shalom Shachna of Pohrebyszcze [in present-day Ukraine - Ed.], was the son of Dov-Ber of Miedzyrzecze.

Israel Friedman founded a Chasidic community in Rozyn. Because of his family background, rather than education and knowledge, he, too, became a tzaddik. The luxury of his manor and honor shown him by his followers made the tsarist authorities uneasy. In 1838, he was sentenced to twenty-two months in prison, having been accused of encouraging people to kill a Jewish informant. After completing his sentence, Friedman left the Russian partition and settled in Sadogora, in Bukowina. He was regarded as a martyr of the faith, and had even more followers than in Rozyn. In his teachings, he emphasized the emotional, unreflecting religious experience. He believed that only a tzaddik is capable of a more profound understanding of the mystical texts.
Friedman was known for his luxurious lifestyle, and his court imitated those of the Galician magnates. He was a composer and also wrote popular parables, which have become a part of Chasidic folklore. He engaged in a long dispute with the tzaddik Chaim Halberstam of Nowy Sacz, who condemned his extravagant lifestyle, and accused him of being ignorant. The scandal deepened when one of Israel's six sons, Dov Ber, the tzaddik of Lelow, influenced by Haskalah ideology, announced that the belief in the power of the tzaddikim is based on deceit. Although his family deemed him mentally ill and kept him isolated from his followers, Halberstam accused him of deviation, and put a curse (cherem) on the entire Sadogora dynasty, which in turn put a curse on the Nowy Sacz tzaddik.
Israel Friedman's descendants founded dynasties and Chasidic centers in Eastern Galicia and Moldavia: in Czortkow - David Moshe (1828-1903), Israel (1854-1934); in Czerniowce (Chernovitz) - Aron (?-1941); in Husiatyn - Israel (1856-1949), Yitzhak Yakub (1900-68); in Przemysl - Mordechai Shalom Josef of Sadogora (1897-?); in Bojany - Moshe of Bojany (1881-1943), and Mordechai Shlomo (1891-1971).

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